Who we are


EMCAPP represents the diversity of the EMCAPP`s friends and participants

with respect to their
• home country and culture
• language
• psychological education and experience
• church membership
• lived spirituality

With these different worlds we listen, understand and respond to one another (in addition to the translation difficulties). The different settings in which we work and live, create different positions in our effort for the theory and practice of a Christian psychology.

We realized there is a longing for a holistic identity as a Christian and as a psychologist, without splitting and with a responsibility to the scientific community, national health care system and the psychologists associations and the own church.

The EMCAPP Declaration 2006

The seven statements of EMCAPP

  1. EMCAPP is based on the faith that there is a God who is actively maintaining this world, so there can be no talk about Man without talking about God.
  2. EMCAPP acknowledges the limitations of all human knowledge and therefore appreciates the attempts of the various Christian denominations to describe God and their faith.
  3. EMCAPP brings together international leaders and pioneers in the field of Christian psychology and psychotherapy and its underlying anthropology.
  4. EMCAPP appreciates the cultural and linguistic diversity of backgrounds of its members.
  5. EMCAPP wants its members to learn to recognize one another as friends and brothers and sisters.
  6. EMCAPP encourages its members in their national challenges and responsibilities.
  7. EMCAPP has a global future and it is open to discourse and joint research opportunities round the world.