Invitation to the EMCAPP Symposium in Warsaw, organized by ACP Poland - November 10th – 12th 2024

Spiritual Aspects in Psychology and Psychotherapy

For more organization information ask post@werner-may.de

Here you can read: The program

Please note: I is an inside symposium, not open for everybody.



The general main activities of EMCAPP are organizing symposiums or being involved in conferences as lecturers.

The guests at the symposiums come from all over Europe and worldwide. We invite persons who:

  • work in the area of Christian anthropology, psychology and psychotherapy
  • are leaders or pioneers in this area
  • want to live in a personal relationship with the Trinitarian God
  • are interested in building up friendship between cultures, languages and different Christian churches



And we have a new vision: The local EMCAPP-Conference

Location: in your country / Language: your country*s language / Speakers: 2-3 from EMCAPP, the others from your country (1-3) / Organization and local advertising: remains your responsibility. We invite our friends via EMCAPP of course.

Costs: No fee and travelling costs for the foreigners.

The goal: To bring more Christian psychology to your country and to have fellowship with you.


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