EMCAPP Book Project

The EMCAPP Board decided in September 2016 to start the EMCAPP Book Project.

This is a project of publishing the book which will consists of articles written by the board members and people who were involved in EMCAPP activity during last years.

Title of the book: Psychology and Psychotherapy in the Perspective of Christian Anthropology

Editor: Nicolene Joubert

English editing: Dorothy du Plessis

Coordinator of the project: Anna Ostaszewska

The book will include:

  1. Introduction – Nicolene Joubert.
  2. About EMCAPP (aims, history, symposia, journals) – Werner May.
  3. Articles by authors from: Germany, Poland, UK, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Ukraine.
  4. Literature.

More Information: Anna Ostaszewska, email: anna.ostaszewska@pro.onet.pl

Participation in this project is already confirmed by: May Werner – Germany, president of EMCAPP; Ostaszewska Anna – Poland, vice-president EMCAPP; Joubert Nicolene – South Africa, board member; Strigo Elena – Russia, board member; Lorgus Andrey – Russia, board member; Cutino Francesco – Italy, board member.

We will try to prepare this book for publishing before next EMCAPP Symposium which will be held in Denmark in 2017, September, 14-17.