As the president of EMCAPP I am glad about the possibility to introduce our activities like the yearly symposium, the e-Journal and in future our webinars. Also you will get some information about the work of the EMCAPP-friends in their own countries, for example about their publications or institutes.

Werner May

Our offerings:

The main activity of EMCAPP are the symposiums which are held once a year.

  • The next Symposium can be in Denmark 2017 September 14-17 with this topic: The Meaning of Relationship for Christian Anthropology, Psychology and Psychotherapy.

The guests from all over Europe are invited by the EMCAPP board. We invite persons who:

  • work in the area of Christian anthropology, psychology and psychotherapy
  • are leaders or pioneers on this area
  • live a personal relationship with the Trinitarian God
  • are interested to build up friendship between cultures, languages and different Christian churches