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The EMCAPP farm is available for both individual and group projects either in clinical, educational or training settings.

The house is a two-level, old, rural peasant’s home; it currently needs some refurbishing and does not offer all the comforts people might wish. Expenses can be agreed upon.

Particularly appropriate for experiential activities, it is suitable for any kind of therapeutic approach and theoretic models compatible with a traditional farm setting. It is also available for tailored projects and programs, whether e.g. as a safe shelter for abused persons, or a rehabilitation placement for supervised individuals.

More information by Francesco Cutino fcutino@hotmail.com

At present the farm is enjoyable at its best between the months of March and December; and can host up to 10 people in a “country-farm style” and 16 people in a ”coutryside-youth-hostel style” (the latter starting from June 2017).

Between May and October it is possible to increase the number of hosts using tents between olive trees and lebanon cedars.