The Emcapp-Declaration – 2006

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Declaration – 2006

There are 5 main positions within psychotherapy depending on the belief system and method of practice of the therapist.

  1. Non-Christian therapist using a secular model of therapy. This person puts their trust in science and experience and thus gives honour to science and self knowledge as developed through personal life experiences of self and others. Clients are blessed by common sense therapy and God’s universal grace.
  2. Non-Christian therapist using a combination of secular models and also a post-modern “spiritual” approach working with metaphysical concepts not directly related to Christianity. Here outcomes are less predictable, and exploring the spiritual area without firm guidelines may lead to unforeseen consequences.
  3. A therapist who is a Christian but uses a secular model of therapy as in section a) above. Again the client is helped by common sense and God’s grace. Christian areas can be explored if the client wishes it, but the therapist is usually not prepared or trained to integrate the spiritual dimension in the help they provide.
  4. A Christian therapist who uses a Christian approach to psychotherapy and so develops specific aims, methods and desired outcomes according to Christian beliefs. The model of practice is developed and verified using the same scientific methods as in secular models in recognition of the fact that God gives us both reason and revelation. This therapist gives honour to God and also recognises the value of scientific evaluation. He/she trusts God first and then human reason.
  5. A Christian therapist who uses a “charismatic” or a “Biblical” approach to therapy which relies on God’s direct intervention through prayer, God’s word and ministry. No recognised model of therapy is developed (although individual’s practice may be consistent), and no scientific evaluation is sought as the spiritual world is not considered suitable for scientific evaluation. All the honour is given to God who works in a mystical and hidden way.

    Seven reasons why a Christian Psychotherapy (CP) is necessary for us today.

    1. Best anthropology – description of the whole person, a Christian worldview.
    2. We like to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.
    3. We can fulfil our vocation.
    4. Produces more effective results.
    5. We are aware of the spiritual battle.
    6. We seek to bring in the kingdom of God.
    7. We seek to give honour and glory to God.