Symposium 2017 in Denmark

Invitation to the 15th Symposium of EMCAPP

Denmark, September 14 th – 17th 2017

Near to Aarhus – the culture capital of Europe 2017

The Meaning of Relationship for Christian Anthropology, Psychology and Psychotherapy

Main Lectures:

Nicolene Joubert (South Africa): About Community Psychology

Vibeke Moeller (Denmark): Relationship and attachment in psychotherapy

Krzysztof Wojcieszek (Poland): What really join human persons? Personal relations or emotions?


  • Andrey Lorgus (Russia): Dialogue and monologue. Some methods to develop the practice of dialogue
  • Wolfram Soldan (Germany): About Forgiveness
  • Anna Ostaszewska (Poland): The meaning of relationship in psychotherapy. Results of scientific research and presentation of psychotherapeutic work in the middle
  • Marian and Trevor Griffiths (GB): Emotional Logic as a way to fulfill Jesus’ announced commission
  • And others


EMCAPP meets Denmark: Open meeting with two small lectures and guests from the region

Elena Strigo (Russia): Case study – The Moral Word in Personal Reconstruction in Сhristian Psychotherapy

Werner May (Germany): The Healing No: Setting boundaries in relationship

More information: (Werner May)