The concept of a Christian movement of psychology throughout Europe was started over 20 years ago. We now meet annually and enjoy meeting Christian psychologists, theologians, doctors and counsellors from all European countries and from most Christian traditions. The richness of experience and background always stimulates and refreshes us.

The message of Christianity

If there is no concept of a healthy person, then the concept of therapy becomes meaningless. The EMCAPP (formerly known as EMCPA) aims to make explicit that within Christianity there is a unique and original message about what it is to be a person in communion with other persons. In our view, Christianity includes the diverse traditions and ‘breaks with tradition’ that have made much of the history of Europe. It balances the theologies of Orthodox, Roman and Protestant Christianity in the belief that “Truth is discovered in conversations between friends who are different.” This is not to be a statement of an ‘absolute’ Truth, but one that allows Truth to include mystery and the potential for change and growth.

Seven statements of EMCAPP

1. EMCAPP is based on the faith that there is a God who is actively maintaining this world, so there can be no talk about Man without talking about God.

2. EMCAPP acknowledges the limitations of all human knowledge and therefore appreciates the attempts of the various Christian denominations to describe God and their faith.

3. EMCAPP brings together international leaders and pioneers in the field of Christian psychology and psychotherapy and its underlying anthropology.

4. EMCAPP appreciates the cultural and linguistic diversity of backgrounds of its members.

5. EMCAPP wants its members to learn recognizing oneanother as friends and brothers and sisters.

6. EMCAPP encourages its members in their national challenges and responsibilities.

7. EMCAPP has a global future and it is open to discourse and joined research opportunities round the world (World Movement).

For more detailed version of statements, see here.